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We provide assistance
with investigations in Austria

You are a professional private investigator and your investigations lead you to Austria?
You lack the legal, financial or country-specific resources to conduct your investigations directly in Austria.
If so, we are the right partner for you!

ODORE Detektei – based in Kuchl near Salzburg – is your specialist for investigations throughout Austria and neighbouring regions.

Backed by years of industry experience and state-of-the-art research and observation techniques, we know exactly how to best support you in your affairs.

Austrian Detective observation
- A sensible cooperation … -

With ODORE Detektei you have an investigative partner who acts and reacts with the highest degree of professionalism, speed and flexibility.

We know the Austrian investigation conditions perfectly. As "Austrian Detectives" we have enormous advantages as opposed to an investigator who is not familiar with the country.

Hire us and you will save considerable effort and thus a lot of time and money.

About us

Our observation and investigation team draws on many years of professional experience.
Our team leader Martin Aufleger plays a leading role in investigations and clarifications of major cases in white-collar crime, fraud and the recovery of assets.

Our highly skilled professional detectives are supported by the very latest technology. Our clients are provided with a detailed report (movement logs, photos, video recordings, etc.) depicting the state and progress of the investigation.

Your advantages

  • Highly qualified staff
  • Long-standing experience
  • Professional advice
  • Top references
  • Ready for action 24 hours a day
  • We have a preventive approach
  • Highest level of observation technology

Our services – we investigate in every case!

For business clients:

  • Business information
  • Business investigations
  • Insurance fraud
  • Patent law
  • People search
  • Debtor search etc.

For private clients:

  • People search
  • Surveillance of persons
  • Inheritance matters
  • Search for heirs
  • Asset tracing
  • Blackmail etc.
Austrian Detective observation
- Highest investigative quality -

We help you with greatest expertise, speed and discreetness. Our highly skilled professional detectives are supported by the very latest technology (video surveillance, GPS tracking, etc.). The high success rate of our investigations is a clear testimony to our approach.

- The experts in the Austrian detective industry -

We are there to help you

We know exactly how to efficiently and professionally obtain information and evidence for you on Austrian territory and provide you with the documentation you need.

Austrian Detective observation
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